Lubbock is no stranger to adversity

Lubbock is no stranger to adversity

In the early 20th century, pioneers ventured west to the Llano Estacado, meaning Staked Plains, to start a new life. It was there they found one of the largest mesas in North America. Amid challenging circumstances, limited resources and an endless horizon, these pioneers remained determined to thrive, giving birth to the same resilience we have today.

Now, the same land which seemed desolate grows 50% of the United States cotton and 90% of Texas’ wine grapes. Home to a Tier One institution, the locals saw fit to stake their claim on a college, known as Texas Tech University. It is here among the thousands of acres of land that people decided resilience was their only bet to make a better life. This grit birthed a city of more than 260,000 residents serving the needs of a region of three-quarters of a million people.  

McPherson Winery - Source: I Love West Texas

Resilience is in our genes. It comes as no surprise Lubbock was quick to protect its people and way of life during the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to press forward and look to what is to come. This fall, Lubbock will open a world class performance center and welcome both a new winery and boutique hotel to downtown.

Lubbock sees ingenuity in all aspects of life from the components of the soil to the composition of music. Buddy Holly inspired musicians of all walks of life from Texas to Great Britain. Now, Lubbock will set the stage for new artists to find their voice at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences. This fall, Lubbock’s state-of-the-art performance theater will open with Broadway shows like Les Miserables. The Hall is located in the heart of the Arts District within walking distance to LHUCA, Charles Adams Gallery and Two Docs Brewing Co. Privately funded at more than $155 million; this project will be the crowning jewel of the arts in West Texas.

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Along with Buddy Holly, Lubbock’s claim to fame is the soil. With a semi-arid climate, this region grows Spanish, French and Italian grape varietals. The best way to savor Texas High Plains wine is at one of more than seven wineries in the region. Downtown Lubbock’s newest resident, Burklee Hill at the Kress, offers a wine list to satisfy any vino lover. Order a glass, or a bottle, of the Montepulciano, Sparkling Pinot Meunier or Malbec, and pair it with a savory pizza like the Burklee with mozzarella, shallots, pistachios and honey drizzle, or try a cheese board to rival all cheese boards.   

As the old saying goes, cotton is king, which accounts for the inspiration of the newest boutique hotel in downtown Lubbock. Staying true to our roots, the Valencia Group will open the Cotton Court Hotel, designed to resemble an 18th-century cotton gin.

Lubbock lake Landmark: Source I Love West Texas

Visitors who make a reservation at this full-service hotel complete with 165 rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast, along with an outdoor swimming pool are immersed in Lubbock’s roots. With close proximity to the Arts District, Depot Entertainment District and Texas Tech University, the Cotton Court is the ideal spot for experiencing the wine, art, music and Red Raider spirit Lubbock offers. 

As we navigate this unchartered territory, Lubbock is planning for the future with new ways and places to entertain our visitors. Whether it’s a glass of Texas High Plains wine, a Broadway show or a one-of-a-kind hotel, Lubbock harnesses its resilience in the face of adversity and creates a better experience for travelers.